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Texas Education Agency Reports

The mission of the Texas Education Agency is to provide leadership, guidance and resources to help schools meet the educational needs of all students. As part of this mission, Mumford provides the TEA yearly extensive information on the performance of students in our district, finances, programs, and demographics. From this information, various Report Cards are created and rated by TEA for our district's elementary and secondary school campuses. All of these reports are freely available to the public and, as per federal and state guidelines, we have placed copies here of Mumford ISD's Report Cards. If you would like to access these reports directly from the TEA website, click here and select the Testing/Accountability link to create customized reports.

There are six reports that are presented here: Federal Report Cards, NCLB Report Card, NCLB AYP Report, AEIS and TAP Reports, SRC, and Accountability Ratings. Some of these are split into by district and campus levels. Note that all of these reports are posted in PDF format.

Texas Reporting Performance System

NCLB Adequate Yearly Progess (AYP) Report

Texas Academic Performance Report (formerly the Academic Excellence Indicator System Report)

School Report Card

District Accountability Ratings

Federal Report Cards

Community Student Engagement & Compliance (CSEC) Ratings