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Community and Student Engagement
& Compliance (CSEC) Ratings

Last updated 6/21/2017

The Community and Student Engagement & Compliance (CSEC) Ratings were established by House Bill 5, passed into law at the 83rd session of the Texas Legislature. The Community and Student Engagement & Compliance (CSC) rating gives schools the opportunity to perform a self-evaluation and take a closer look at district and campus performance in nine categories other than testing.

Each campus and the district annually evaluate the following categories:

• Fine Arts

• Wellness/Physical Education

• Community/Parent Involvement

• 21st Workforce Development

• 2nd Language Acquisition

• Digital Learning Acquisition

• Dropout Prevention Strategies

• Educational Programs for Gifted and Talented

• Compliance with statutory reporting/policy requirements

Local committees determined the criteria used to rate each of the categories. The Legislature did not specify who should participate on the committees or how often they were to meet. The state does require districts to use the criteria to self-evaluate the district and each campus. A rating must be assigned to the district and for each campus. The following ratings were to be used for each performance measure within a category as well as an overall category rating for the campus and district:

• Exemplary

• Recognized

• Acceptable

• Unacceptable

Selections and Rubrics for 2017 - 2018