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Teacher Resources
Teacher Vision - lesson plans, printables, and more - lesson plans, file downloads, and links to additional web sites
Education World - huge site with lesson plans, articles, news and blogs for and by teachers
Academic Earth - Video lectures from universities.
Curriki - free public community where members share curricula
FREE - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence, a US Dept. Of Education website that compiles free teacher resources from other federal agencies
Library of Congress - “For Teachers” page shows ready to use materials aligned with state standards
TED-Ed - Educational video lessons from interdisciplinary creators.
Lead4Ward - Just passing on a good website -- we have used resources before from this website but thought you might find some other things on here to help you.
The site basically takes what the state guidelines for: TEKS, accountability, testing, STAAR, etc and puts it in a more concise form.  Some things cost money - but the teacher resources are almost all free!  Check it out you might find some things that are helpful to your teaching.

Get Epic - Digital library for kids 12 and under. At this time, teachers have free access to their library. Great resource for teachers!

Updated 8/31/2017