Independent School District
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Our Mission Statement:

All students at Mumford Independent School District need to develop essential academic skills and to acquire a knowledge base on which to build lifelong learning. All students will be taught a core curriculum of English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, health, physical education, and computer literacy. All students will be provided the opportunity to develop the ability to think logically, independently, and creatively, and to communicate effectively. Mumford Independent School District will provide opportunities for all students to develop self-esteem, respect for others, and responsible behavior. The Mumford Independent School District believes that all students can learn the necessary basic skills to be independent and productive citizens.

Mumford ISD takes pride in all of its students, teachers, and staff members who provide a safe environment where learning and education are possible. We strive to not just reach but to excel in the challenging world of K-12 education. Our students' parents expect nothing but the best for their children and Mumford ISD's teachers and staff work hard every day to meet this expectation. As part of these challenges, the Texas Education Agency sets goals and standards to which our district must reach. These goals and standards specify, among other things, the number of students to graduate, the number of students with passing grades, and the number of students with higher than average test results. Using these criteria, TEA provides a rating that helps us in determining whether we, as a school, are successful in reaching our goal of providing the best educational experience possible for our children.

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